Multi Functional Tote – With 7 Piece Set


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7 piece complete set includes – (1) diaper bag, (2) changing pad, (3) personal purse with carrying strap,  (4) accessories bag, (5) insulated bottle bag, (6) organizer bag with mesh top, (7) stroller straps.

Quality materials –  The material of the handbag is durable and it is a multilayered fabric. This fabric is waterproof and stain-resistant. If your handbag easily gets dirty or stained then the material of this handbag is a big plus point for you. It can easily be cleaned without any trouble, with a wipe or cloth. For more serious dirt and stains, the machine washes cold and dry.

Multifunctional – Its a multifunctional handbag that can be used whether you are going to daycare, work, or a day out. All you need to do is mix and match the necessary items and have a new handbag every day.

Spacy pockets – The main compartment is large enough to fit a breast pump, extra diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. Along with the main compartment, many small pockets will make sure you stay organized and have all your essentials in place. The durable and stain-resistant material means you don’t need to worry about damages even after a long time of using the handbag. This handbag can be used as a tote, purse, stroller attachment and travel bag.

Designed by parents for parents – Each compartment in this diaper bag set is designed to make your life easier. One extra large compartment fits your largest items and it also has small pockets that will ensure that you stay organized and ready for any difficulty.

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Dimensions42 × 15 × 34 cm


4 reviews for Multi Functional Tote – With 7 Piece Set

    Multi Functional Tote - With 7 Piece Set photo review
    Multi Functional Tote - With 7 Piece Set photo review
    Multi Functional Tote - With 7 Piece Set photo review
    Amanda Wallis
    This bag is fantastic! I love the smaller bags that come with it too, it makes it even more worth buying. I had a nappy backpack and I was over trying to blindly dig through it. This bag is big and soft and easy to see everything. It’s very pretty and I could see myself using it for a long time.
    Nicky Clark
    This fits all my needs, all of the time. Each little insert holds certain things. I always know where everything is and I always have what I need. No fumbling. Doesn’t feel big and carries well with the stroller straps. From errands to all day to road trip vacations, I fit everything for my baby, myself, and my husband. And it’s cute!
    Stephanie Kemp
    I'm a new Mom and this bag is fantastic. The amount of storage space is wonderful and all of the additional little bags are fabulous. I absolutely love the straps that allow you to hook it to a stroller. Plus, it's just a good looking bag. Highly recommended!
    Claudia Cullen
    Absolutely love this bag. It literally fits everything I need for baby and with all the extra bags it keeps everything super organized. Totally recommend this bag!
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Multi Functional Tote - With 7 Piece Set

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